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SERIES 107  : These are most miniatured 25 Amps, power relays available in series. These are single change over relays, in Double Break, double throw type. The design competence and performance success of these relays lies in use of very costly contact system of precious metal. In the non-operate position, upper two contacts get shorted through one strip of Silver Cadmium Oxide flexibly mounted across, resilient armature spring. In operate position, the lower two contacts get shorted. For single change over either right or left two contacts have to be shorted, this shorted point serving as a common point, the other side upper as NC and lower as NO. 
Compared to conventional power relays, this relay can be manufactured in higher values of coil resistances and thus the driving current required from the transistors is lesser and subsequently lower power transistors can be used which can result in overall saving in the cost of electronic circuitory and equipment. As it is, this relay is in single change over. It is possible to get two change over arrangement out of these relays by mounting two such single change over relays on one improvi¬sed mount or clamp, to get one pack of two change over relays.

The coils of this dual pack have to be connected in parallel. As an example—two 24 Volts/500 Ohms, relays in 1 ChangeOver, can be converted by this arrangement to two change over— 24 volts/250 Ohms relay. However, there is a caution in this type of two change over arrangement that release voltages and pick up voltages may be slightly varying from one unit to the second in the pack and this can thus not give the desired results. For any specific application of the type, our 'Engineering Department' should be consulted prior to use. For large applications requiring general switching, one change over arrangement as available is more than adequate.

SERIES 110 :
are the pride of "Eagleman" and have been appreciated and adopted even by the most choosy customers. These are available in both two change over and one change over relay types. From the design point of view, the two change over relay incorporates arrangement for alignment of two poles through adjustment of the micrometric screws provided for the purpose below the yoke assembly. The whole yoke assembly is placed on three springs secured in the grooves of the bakellite base and is securely held tightly. The release voltages can also be precisely controlled.
The spring loaded contact system provide wiping action on contacts during make and break and thus pro¬vide long life. Guaranteed for 100,000 operations on rated load of 25 Amps, resistive, 20 Amps, inductive at 0.8 power factor, they normally outlive this life under normal operating conditions. The binding head screws for connections are normally provided and are very convenient for connections without slipping. If desired, clip-on terminals, for clip on arrangement orsolderable arrangement can be given for those who prefer solderable ends on power relays.
The single change over further incorporates, one centrally located contact system, wherein the moving point is in the centre of the armature and fixed contacts both at top and bottom are in the centre of the housing. Same coil power is available for single contacts and thus contact pressures and contact lives are far more than the two change over.The contact arrangement is such that in two change over, the contacts can be replaced with interchangeability amongst them¬selves and thus the relay can be field service even if necessary by carrying spare contacts as spare parts.Compared to any other power relays, these relays though incor¬porate same fixing distances and same over all dimensions, but are far more majestic and impressive in outlook and superior in functional characteristics.
SERIES 111 : are covered versions of series 110 by incorporating a thermqset cast cover, to protect the relay from general usage dust and save the armature, contacts and tail wire from getting disturbed during mounting or handling on the shop floor. The relay resembles an air break contactor and in A.C. versions are successfully finding use in the applications of contactors espe¬cially wljiere 2 change over contacts serve the purpose. These are most economically priced relays for their virtues. The flash visibility often complained of in consumer durables is completely overcome.

SERIES 113 : are simplified versions of power relays in our stan dard frame size. It does away with the heavy bakellite base of series 108 to 111. The version with 'VL' clamp-mounts the relay edge-on and thus places the pole face in verticle position and contact faces also verticle so that no dust can settle on the dust vulr erable areas. The relay thus bears the brunt of normal dust in ventilated enclosures and makes the relay cheaper and more val je engineered. The total shelf area occupied becomes 2/3ra of the series 108/111 relays and in the same size of cubicle more space becomes available for wiring etc. The connecting terminals become more exposed and better placed for facilitating the wiring without getting into difficulties of need to put hands and fingers in narrow and deep pockets of cubicles of the conventional sonsumer durables.This is most recommended power relays where lower cost and better technical features are aimed at. 

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